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 Silu Limited (Silu) is an independent IT consultancy offering experienced project managers and consultants, capable of supporting organisations in meeting the demands and challenges presented in today’s ever changing market place. 

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Through concentrating in our specialist area of transition projects, we have successfully managed the delivery of projects within time and budget! Our achievements come by way of experience; ability; ‘best practice’ methodology and most importantly, the people!

Silu is able to provide flexibility to our customers through offering experience at cost effective rates!

About Us

 Formed in 2003, Silu Limited (Silu) is an independent consultancy company specialising in project management for transition projects and programmes. Through committed partnerships we are able to offer IT expertise to assist our customers through organisational change; reducing the pressures on in-house resource. We welcome long, medium or short term engagements. By Silu filling those ‘stopgap’ specialist roles, IT Managers may not need to increase their budgeted ‘head count’! 

Silu offer managers and consultants who have gained their experience over many years of working in the IT arena. We have been engaged on assignments in both the private and public sectors. We are acknowledged for our sensitivity towards the varying cultures and unique organisational demands. This  enables us to achieve a rapid integration into customer teams with minimal 'fuss’. 

Our approach to partnerships, is to work efficiently and effectively focussing on successful delivery to maximise the benefits of the programme and at the same time, enabling our customer’s to achieve the utmost value from our services. 

At Silu we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers the proverbial “Rolls Royce for the price of a Mini”, by providing experienced IT specialists at very competitive rates! 

As we say at Silu, "let us all Profit by Partnership!" 

Robin Parker (Managing Director 

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